Our Process

Cost Value 2015

At Calfayan Construction, we build lasting relationships with our clients by developing a detailed working plan based on your budget, your vision, your timeline, and your design preferences.

Your project begins with an agreed-upon, all-encompassing plan, with all costs based on that plan. All construction and design elements including textiles, fixtures and finish work are included in the proposed budget. From that planning process, we develop a construction timeline right down to the date for your open house.

Calfayan works for you on your plan, within your budget. No surprises; no guessing; no excuses. We deliver the job on budget, on time, within the terms of your customized, deadline-driven, fixed-price contract.

Calfayan Construction is invested in the happiness of each of our clients and the success of every project!

Our Process Step-by-Step

  • Presentation of a budget bracket with a rough scope of work along with a Project Development Agreement (PDA)
  • The client signs the PDA and pays a small fee
  • Conceptual designs are created by a design professional (secured, directed and paid by Calfayan)
  • Material selections are made (faucets, tile, cabinet style, etc)
  • Trade contractors visit the job site
  • A detailed scope of work is developed
  • The designs are finalized
  • A finished contract is presented with all details included
  • Client signs the contract
  • A pre-construction meeting is held
  • The job begins
  • Regularly scheduled project meetings are held between the client, lead carpenter and production manager every other week during construction
  • Job ends on time & on budget
  • Warranty phase begins