Laura Calfayan

Laura Calfayan


Laura Calfayan, President

If you’re looking for an energetic, positive-thinking partner in remodeling your home, meet Laura Calfayan. Her creative energy and organizational skills ensure consistently excellent results--on time and within budget. You’ll enjoy working with her every step of the way.

Ownership. In 2000, Laura assumed ownership of Calfayan Construction, the company her husband Reis had founded some years earlier. Eager to forge the fine craftsmanship of Reis and his team into a truly professional business, she developed clear direction for the company.

Success stories. She began by listening to “horror stories” of other contractors who left frustrated and dissatisfied clients behind. Laura’s goal was for Calfayan Construction to create its own stories of successful projects and happy clients.

On-time and as-promised. Working for years behind the scenes, attending conferences and seminars, and engaging in hands-on company experience, Laura developed a unique, customer-centered management style. Focused on fulfilling commitments and delivering on time and as promised, she took Calfayan Construction’s portfolio of high-end renovations to national, regional, and local recognition. 

Big 50. In 2005, Calfayan Construction was elected to the prestigious Big 50, REMODELING magazine’s Top 50 remodeling companies in the country. Proud of her company’s role as industry leader, Laura works hard to continually deliver successful projects and make dreams come true for customers like you.