Reis Calfayan

Reis Calfayan

Founder/Operations Manager

Reis Calfayan, CR, CLC, Green Advantage Certified, UDCP, Installation Masters Certified, Founder and Operations Manager

Looking for fine, European-style craftsmanship coupled with 21st century techniques? Meet company founder, Reis Calfayan.

Apprenticeship. Working early on for Gino Minardi, an Italian immigrant who specialized in historic restoration, Reis learned true craftsmanship, business integrity, and pride in doing beautiful work.

Experience. He then honed his carpentry skills through a wide variety of experiences working for others: demolition sergeant (82nd Airborne Division, US Army), carpenter (Section 8 and HUD housing), restorer of historic homes (Restoration Company), and carpenter-at-large (miscellaneous companies). Finally, Reis had seen and learned enough to know how to satisfy clients.

First Business. Determined to do just that, he started his own business, Calfayan Custom Carpentry, in 1993. His love of building and eagerness to take on challenges sparked his desire to offer more than just “man-and-his-tools-and truck” carpentry. His primary objective was to deliver 100% on promises and make clients happy.

Enter Laura. But Reis understood that building a professional company was as hard as building a home. He would need help. His wife Laura’s expertise complemented his perfectly. She would provide business skills required to grow their company.

Calfayan Construction.
When Laura assumed ownership in 2000, the company became Calfayan Construction. Together, Reis and Laura have built a reputation not only for exceptional craftsmanship but also for on-time, within budget delivery as promised. Their reputation has translated into an extensive referral base.