Provide Innovative, Sustainable Craftsmanship with Enduring Value. Craftsmanship, value, innovation, and sustainability are the foundation of the Calfayan Construction philosophy. Since 1993, when Reis began his custom carpentry business, Calfayan has been known for craftsmanship. Calfayan Construction, founded in 2000, has assembled a team experienced carpenters and expert subcontractors (for specialty work) who have worked with Reis and Laura for years, honing their building and budgeting skills to deliver on the Calfayan promise: the finest craftsmanship with customized details within budget. Guaranteed.

Calfayan stands by its craftsmanship, offering customers a two-year warranty on work and materials provided by the Calfayan team. We do quarterly checks and walk-through inspections are scheduled at the first and second year anniversaries with the promise that Calfayan will repair, replace, or adjust construction components under warranty.

Value and budget are nailed down before the start of each project. The Calfayan team and the client discuss “comfortable investments” in detail to determine best values for the client’s budget. During “charette” or building planning sessions, the client brainstorms with the contractors and designers to create detailed design and budget plans that realistically fulfill the client’s needs and vision. By including subcontractors in planning and budgeting sessions with the customer, timely cost overruns are avoided – and fine craftsmanship is delivered.

Innovation is how Calfayan constructs fine craftsmanship within budget. Each project incorporates innovative design elements, materials and finishes, custom-chosen and custom-built to fit the customer’s vision and budget. Using cost-effective, innovative, energy-efficient appliances and building materials like Airtight® Insulation and fiber cement siding, Calfayan delivers an exceptional return on investment for their customers’ home improvement dollars.

Calfayan builds a lifetime of comfort and value into each project. Inspired by the craftsmen of colonial America whose buildings stand strong today, Reis and Laura want their customers to have the greatest comfort and finest craftsmanship, on budget, on time — within sustainable structures that enhance and add aesthetic and real value to their property.

Calfayan Construction builds sustainability throughout their community, too. Sponsoring teams through the Huntingdon Valley Activities Association, supporting the Abington Arts Center, and donating generously to local initiatives, Calfayan strives to “improve the lives of all people we come in contact with.”