Passive House

Energy Cost Savings and Clean, Comfortable Living in the Home of Your Dreams

If energy-efficient, clean, comfortable living is what you’re looking for in your new home or addition, let Calfayan Construction introduce you to a new world in building you’ve never dreamed of: Passive House Construction. Its advanced, green structures provide a healthy atmosphere not only for you and your family, but for the global environment, as well.                  
Homes, schools, multi-family dwellings—any structure whatsoever—may benefit from Passive House principles.  

What are the advantages of Passive House construction?

  • Up to 85% savings in energy costs (getting closer to net zero)
  • Reduced reliance on oil, coal, natural gas
  • Fresh, clean, pollen- and dust-free air (great for allergy sufferers) with low humidity
  • Elimination of unpleasant odors from kitchen and bathroom
  • Consistent, draft-free temperatures throughout the house
  • Comfortable, quiet environment—free of street and other outside noise

What is the technical foundation of Passive House construction?

  • Airtight, super-continuous, insulated, thermal bridge-free construction
  • Balanced ventilation with energy recovery
  • Highly efficient mechanical systems
  • Passive elements taking advantage of site orientation
  • Renewables for zero carbon emissions

How does Calfayan Construction apply Passive House principles?

Calfayan Construction uses airtight construction, superior insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, and carefully-controlled, mechanical ventilation systems. (Yes, you may open and close your windows). We even calculate heat emissions from appliances and household occupants (you and your family) to balance your environment and bring you the house of the future TODAY—in the style of your choice!

How long has Passive House construction been on the marketplace?

While Passive House concepts date back to the early ‘70s in the U.S. and Canada and the ‘90s in Germany and central Europe, only in the past 15 years has Passive House construction begun to catch on in the U.S. Forward-thinking builders see it as the wave of the future.

Meet Reis Calfayan, Founder and Operations Manager, Calfayan Construction

Reis Calfayan, always at the forefront of the construction industry, is one of an elite group of Passive House Builders in the Tri-State area to become certified by the Passive House Institute US. “Our region is just getting started in the green building Passive House market,” explains Reis.

According to the Passive House Institute US (PHIUS), “Passive House certified and pre-certified  projects now total more than 1.1 million square feet across 1,200 units nationwide.” The number of local developments is growing exponentially. .

The real payout is over time,” Reis continues, “as materials and systems begin to more than pay for themselves in energy savings, and you enjoy the benefits of clean, comfortable living.” It is a global effort.

Whether you are looking for a Passive House renovation, addition, or from-the-ground-up home…

Ask Reis Calfayan about PASSIVE HOUSE construction today!