Why Choose Calfayan?

Since its beginning, Calfayan has focused on delivering the highest level of craftsmanship and customer satisfaction to the greater Philadelphia area. We understand that hiring a contractor to alter your home can be a stressful, but an exciting process at the same time. Our passion for hands on remodeling and the drive to do each job better than the last has made us a loyal company since 2000.

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What Are Our Clients Saying?

I have used Calfayan on 4 jobs, and I have been very happy on each one. Everyone on the crew is very pleasant and respectful; I completely trust them being in my home when I am not there. Reis is very knowledgable, and doesn’t hesitate to make helpful suggestions when planning out the job initially. I would most definitely use them again.

Austin F.

Our job for Calfayan was a small job, a kitchen renovation. The pluses were that when the kitchen cabinets were too high, they willingly moved them. We also had a hump in the floor in front of some cabinets that kept, and that was quite hard to fix, but they fixed it. We also wanted the job to be completed in time for the beginning of the school year, and they managed to get 90% done so we could move back into the kitchen over Labor Day and be able to function when we were back at work. That was a 6-week turnaround, which was very good. The people working in the job were also very pleasant.

Joan S.

Calfayan Construction Associates worked in my home and they were completely professional. Their people were respectful to a fault. Their work was beautifully completed in a timely fashion. We were thrilled with this company and will use them again in the future !!!

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