Green and Sustainable is The Calfayan Way

At Calfayan, we recognize that it is crucial to minimize the environmental impact, conserve natural resources and create long-lasting, energy-efficient structures that benefit both the present and future generations. That is why we have always incorporated the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) criteria into our construction dating back to Calfayan’s origination. 

We prioritize educating ourselves on the latest sustainable practices in construction to reduce the industry's environmental footprint, lower operational costs and meet the increasing demand for environmentally responsible and energy-efficient buildings. Reis is Green Advantage Certified through

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In our eyes, building green has always made sense to us, from a moral and aesthetic standpoint.  We construct the entire building envelope of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly components. We use fiber cement siding (as opposed to vinyl), spray foam insulation, advanced framing techniques that reduce our carbon footprint, and energy-efficient windows, doors and HVAC units. Calfayan’s renovations or additions are usually the most comfortable – and ‘greenest’ – rooms in our client’s home.

Throughout our process, we maintain the most sustainable practices, including the deconstruction phase. We reuse, recycle and resell. Managing the waste stream during the deconstruction stage is one of the most environmentally-challenging phases of any project, but at our construction sites, upwards of 80% of deconstructed materials are reused to enhance architectural elements, recycled or donated to nonprofits. Windows, doors, appliances, cabinets, carpeting and other materials are donated by Calfayan to organizations that assist low-income families in building or rehabbing their own homes.

Craftsmanship and enduring value. Building right and building green. Sustainable, innovative construction. That’s what the Calfayan tradition is built on. And that’s why Calfayan Construction continues to receive regional and national awards for outstanding design and construction – and is recognized as one of America’s top 50 remodeling companies by REMODELING Magazine.