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Our business bears the name of our family, as our family values and business values are one in the same. At Calfayan Construction, we treat your homes and businesses as if they were our own, with the utmost respect for your lifestyle, budget, and integrity of your space. 

With a team equally as passionate about custom home building as a bathroom renovation, you can expect energy, focus, and outstnding customer service. That’s why the owners are intimately involved in every project, from start to finish.

What else makes Calfayan unique? We have built a reputation for reliability and accountability in an industry notorious for overruns and delays. By incorporating a comprehensive planning process into our business, we begin every project 100% prepared and ready to communicate with you throughout the entire process.

Beyond our customer service, you can also expect superior craftsmanship. With over 25 years of carpentry expertise at the core and nationally-recognized and award-winning work, Calfayan Construction cherishes the details that make your space special. We recognize no two spaces are alike, and neither are their owners. We meticulously follow industry trends to keep up on contemporary innovations in technology, process, and style. 

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Our mission is to make lasting relationships with our clients through beautiful, innovative craftsmanship utilizing energy-efficient practices. Everything that we do at Calfayan derives from our passion for hands-on remodeling and making our clients’ visions come alive.

Our Team

Reis Calfayan

Owner and Property Manager

Laura Calfayan


Alyxa Calfayan

Office Manager

Manny Caivinagua


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